Sep 082011

It took long enough, but I finally have some free samples!

They are some Mill Max test pin headers, 2×4, with 1.27mm pitch, which is nice and tiny!

I’m glad I managed to get some samples, mainly because the minimum quantity I could find them in is 98, and at $11 each, that’s quite step, especially since I only really wanted 2 of them.

I’ll be using them as ICSP headers or maybe JTAG (JTAG fits on 8-pins, right??)


I’ve received more samples! This is fun!

  • 2x 28-DIP ATmega328
  • 4x 32-TQFP ATmega328
  • 2x 100-TQFP ATmega2560
  • 2x 44-TQFP ATmega644
  • 2x 40-DIP ATmega644 (not pictured)

I’m kinda kicking myself for not having asked for some AT32UC3L’s too, since they are hard to come by in Australia and I don’t want to pay $40 shipping from the US. And, also, I’m going to be using them for my next project.

Good thing that I kept the 44pin->dip converter board samples that I received last year, since I can use them on the 644, though since I also have the 644 in a DIP package, it’s not that important.