Sep 062011

I’ve been debating which LCD I should use in my project for a while now. One of the main contenders is the Nokia 5110, mainly because it’s everywhereit’s cheap, and it’s easy to use! But the biggest problem I have with it is being able to find a reliable source of them, unmounted, and being able to mount them reliably, since they use that annoying little conductive rubber thing that once you take it off, it’s impossible to get back on correctly!

So in an attempt to find something better I turned to other sources, and found (or rather, rediscovered) New Haven Displays. And in particular, the NHD-C12832A in white. It’s transflective, small (41.4×24.3mm), runs off 3.3v, uses SPI (so, only 5 pins) and is relatively cheap at US$11. The biggest issue I had for my prototyping is that they wanted something like $80 for shipping! I ended up doing a group order through Mouser, and got them at about $20 each (with shipping), which is not too bad for this little sucker.

The code used to run it is based off LadyAda’s excellent ST7565 library (which is the actual chip running the thing). I had to modify a couple of things, specifically the hard-coded 8-line assumptions (the 128×32 only accommodates 4 lines – 4 pages), and a couple more little bugs.