KuroBox - nameplate

The kuroBox is the first metadata logger specifically created for the film industry.

It has a dedicated Linear TimeCode (LTC) input, and all data is written at frame-aligned intervals. In this specific configuration, it has a high-quality IMU, GPS & barometer – capable of recording orientation (yaw, pitch, roll), world position, accurate UTC, magnetic north & altitude. It also has 2 serial ports (rs232) that can be used for any extensions: lens encoders for writing out zoom, focus, aperture; ultrasound distance sensors, even Preston metadata can be recorded, or data can be output to a real-time display or over a wireless network.

Since the data is timestamped using the standard on-set timecode generator, it works straight out of the box with your existing pipeline. You bring the footage into your favourite package, align the timecode as you always do, and all the metadata is right there, frame-accurate. Some metadata even has several subframe samples (the IMU’s data rate is 200Hz). If the footage is recorded with embedded timecode, synchronising is even easier.

All the software is open source, so you can modify it to your specific requirements or we can discuss a particular extension that you may require. Even the hardware is extensible, with an internal expansion bus for more advanced scenarios.

Prototypes are functionally complete and finished, I am awaiting final parts for volume manufacture.

Have a look at kuroBox in action:

kuroBox : dslr test (29.97fps)

I have a product datasheet for kuroBox, click here to view it.

Here’s a gallery of photos of the finished enclosure.

Available soon, contact me for pricing: dmo@nanibox.com