Jun 252012

I made these little boards for the excellent TS-7500 from EmbeddedARM. It’s a small little ARM processor that runs linux. My board breaks out all 8 XUARTS, 4x RS232 and 4x TTL serial ports, and some other GPIO’s to headers, I2C too. There’s space at the top for cable ties to make sure cables can’t get yanked […]

Jun 082012
dq : built

  I have kinda finished v1 of my dodgy quad: As I’ve said in other dq posts, it’s kinda dodgy 😉 Tupperware top, cable ties everywhere, pool noodles landing gear. Green=Right ; Red=Left. And since my earlier … incident … with my oktokopter, I totalled my goPro, but most of the polycarbonate case survived (not […]

May 212012
dq - assembly test

This is what my quad is going to look like, not pretty, but hopefully tough and functional: The arms are held in place with cable ties: And since there was a little bit of wiggle room for the arms on the frame, I made the arms slightly thicker using some masking tape: Next step, assembling […]

May 212012

Or “dq” as I am calling it. It’s a dodgy little quadcopter I’m building with available materials here in the remote “city” of Swakopmund, Namibia, which is where I’m living for the moment (for work reasons). There aren’t many building materials for a machine like this. I managed to find some 10mm spruce, which I […]

Jan 222012
uKB_v1 == bad

So, I got my boards back, got the components ordered in, and I’ve assembled a couple of them. They don’t work. Kinda. The micro runs whatever code I put on there, the LED’s blink if I tell them to, but it doesn’t like the USB part. I plug it in, and my computer chucks a […]

Jan 132012

My boards are here!! This is going to be a “utility keyboard” – uKB. 4 buttons and one rotatory encoder, plus 6 PWM’d LED’s. All inside a nice bamboo box. It implements standard USB HID, so it should be plug&play on all computers. You have ISP header for the atmega328p, for changing firmware, and I’ve […]

Jan 082012
Daisy Chained LiPo Charger

I’ve been thinking about creating my own LiPo charger for a while now. Something that will allow me to charge a large array of LiPos in the field without it been fiddly or annoying. Since I now know a bit about electronics, I set out to see what it would take to make a simple […]

Sep 212011
More PCB!

And even before I get my other PCB’s back, I’ve already sent of new ones to get fabbed! I got these panelised because they will be going to an assembly house to get professionally made up. This is quite exciting.

Sep 172011
Achievement unlocked: Proof-of-Concept

Proof of concept works up to 921600 baud over these many dodgy cables, hand soldered dead-bug prototyping on the 1206 caps and wire into wire into wire. I’ve finally started actual electronics work at actual work, and this “board” will be fabbed next week as a final product, first with a run of 3 reflow-skillet […]