Feb 172013
First Test - MiruBox

I’ve been hard at work making a proof-of-concept demo of a IMU feeding rotation data into a 3d program.  In order to proceed with my idea and plan, I first have to prove that it works, testing the IMU under various conditions of speed, vibration, magnetic interference and long-term stability. I found that the easiest way to […]

Jan 192013

Of all the crazy (but controlled) things I have done in my life, this is right up there! When Fury Road finished, we were going to move to London, and find a job at one of the major studios, MFC, DD, etc. But I saw that I really liked the hands-on nature of what I […]

Nov 062012
Aronia Postmortem

Now, at the end of the year, looking back, how did the Aronia turn out? What worked, what didn’t, what did I learn and what would I do next time?     What Did Work The TS7500 worked quite well, very easy to program (it’s basically straight C/C++ for linux), enough example code to get […]