dmoMy name is David Morris-Oliveros / DMO / tALSit de CoD.

I have always been tinkering with things, ever since I was 7, when I re-wired the mains in our house to put 3 new power-points in (without telling my mum!)

I have been a professional programmer for the last 12 years, specialising in anything visual, from console games, through to visual artistic installations and now the visual effects industry.

My current professional interests have been expanded into the world of creating custom solutions for unique problems within the movie industry.

I’ve worked as the On Set Systems Manager for the VFX Department for the new Mad Max 4 : Fury Road movie, designing and building custom circuitry to help us in the unique environment of Namibia.

I currently reside in Osaka, Japan, where I have set up a full-featured workshop to further develop solutions.

e: dmoATnaniboxDOTcom
m: +81 90 6736 1127