Jan 192013

Of all the crazy (but controlled) things I have done in my life, this is right up there!

When Fury Road finished, we were going to move to London, and find a job at one of the major studios, MFC, DD, etc. But I saw that I really liked the hands-on nature of what I was doing in Namibia, and the stuff I was creating had a real future.

So I decided to try and get my projects off the ground on my own, and for electronic work, there’s no better place than Japan! I am very fortunate to have an incredible wife who is Japanese, since this gives me residency rights in Japan.

So here I am, in Osaka, looking for a place to live, so I can set up my studio and get to work on these electronic gizmos for the film industry. Because there’s a whole bunch of ideas that I have that need implementing!

Over the next month I’ll be fitting out my studio with new soldering station, oscilloscope, IR reflow oven, 3d printer and (very importantly) fume extractor!

Lets get this thing off the ground!!