Jun 252012

I made these little boards for the excellent TS-7500 from EmbeddedARM. It’s a small little ARM processor that runs linux.

My board breaks out all 8 XUARTS, 4x RS232 and 4x TTL serial ports, and some other GPIO’s to headers, I2C too. There’s space at the top for cable ties to make sure cables can’t get yanked out.

Assembling then was easy enough, I got the the PCB and etched stencil done at PCBWing, and the quality is very good, as per usual. Most of my passives were 0402 (because I LIKE PAIN!), and the level-shifters for the RS232 are the 1-mbps capable TRSF3232E.

As you can see, the passives are TINY:

And, yeah, I forgot to bring out the Console out to headers, and, instead, I put LED’s on them!!! Idiot!

And it works! That’s a Seeed Grove Serial LCD.

If you want the eagle files, let me know and I’ll post them up!

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